Reunion Reviews

Thank You's

A brief message to those star performers last Saturday. First, to Len Stokes and Lucy Singer Block for the flawless handling of our Memorial Service. When I requested you lead this, I was aware of the difficulty, given the emotion of the moment. Your delivery was perfect, compassionate and appreciated by all. Thank you.

Next to Joey. Because of teen center dances 50 years ago, some of us knew of your immense talent. Others did not. A wonderful rendition; all were riveted to their seats, and the applause you received was well deserved. All I can say is "WOW".

And on to Jim McGorry. Jim, the entire room needed an emotional uplift. I asked you to follow a tough act, and you turned the mood in the room with about 10 well chosen words. That McGorry smile and military bearing proved to be the right medicine for all. Again, Thanks.

To Joan Fennimore Groome, who not only spear headed the effort to find class mates from the '62 group, but practically came up with all of the room decorations on her own. Look up "energy" and "determination" in the dictionary; Joan's picture will be looking back at you.

To Dee, who spear headed the effort to find the class of '61 group, and provided a constant stream of upbeat messages at the web site, strongly recommended by the web site owners as a method to maximize interest and attendance. Mission accomplished.

Finally, and surely not the least, to my wife, Jean Ann, whose emotional support was an enormous source of energy to me. Just one brief example, if you will allow. As I was sitting at the computer at 2 am several weeks ago, struggling to finish Bob Maleski's memorial write up (Bob died of pancreatic cancer 3 weeks prior to the reunion), I guess the moment just started to overwhelm me. All of a sudden, I sensed some one standing behind me. She said, "what's wrong"? I had a lump in my throat the size of a soft ball, and with tears streaming down, I could not answer her. She just put her hand on my arm and said. "it's OK". That provided the energy to see the task to it's end. Don't think I need say more about how that helped.

Regardless of the work load and several frustrating moments, I'm certain all of you saw what I saw, an endless stream of smiling faces....that's good enough.....

John E.


Hello Everyone,
I am still reveling in the afterglow of all the love I felt on Saturday night. It was the joy of a lifetime to see everyone and connect with the sweetness of our youth. When my friends ask me how the reunion went, I tell them that after my wedding to Ihor, it was the most loving, wonderful event of my life. 
It was such fun to do the obligatory glance at the name tags and then laugh out loud when we found out who we were actually facing!!!!! The hugs were warm and genuine- and I so enjoyed hearing about your lives and families. Everyone looked so wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures I brought. And Dennis - I cannot wait for your 'production'!!!!!

The tribute to those we have lost was sobering and sad, but the tribute to our first responders and military classmates was rewarding, uplifting and very well deserved.

Kudos, kudos, kudos go to DeeDee and John, Joan Fennimore, and everyone else who had absolutely anything to do with making this wonderful event happen. It's no wonder you are successful in life. Thank you forever for organizing this. You're the best!!!! My love to all and especially those I missed - because there were so many people there! -Let's us "locals" stay in touch. I hear it's next year at Carlo's Pizzeria for class of '62's REAL 50th. See you then - Joan Ortolani Charischak


Hi Dee Dee and John, 

I don't know where to begin to thank you for the wonderful weekend--from putting all of us in touch with the RHS website to the logistics planned with the precision of the Normandy invasion to the venue, time of year, great taste of all the events, but above all handing such a huge part of all our lives back to us. It is so life-affirming to remember once again how close some of our friendships have been all these years. I had the same euphoric glow at the Reunion as I had so many years ago ar large family reunions at Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. I guess that means that RHS people really are family!

What struck me as amazing was how much YOUNGER people seemed to be at this Reunion compared to ones past, probably because our characters have become so much more developed.

I've written to Joan to share my sentiments about this great event and told her that--as exhausting as it might be to contemplate such a possibility--that I'd be more than happy to step in to help if by any miracle another get-together could be arranged while we're still all spry.

By all means you and John ARE NOT TO BE STRANGERS if you should ever reach the Boston area. And be sure to thank John for all the kind words he has shared, his wonderful correspondence, and for just being such a great person to emulate all these years. I'm certainly looking forward to our staying in touch.All the best,  Tony (and Ruth) Rosner

Dee Dee, I want to thank you, your brother,and all the other classmates, that created the web site and planned the reunion. Needless to say I did not attend but I have frequently scanned the web site and been in contact with several classmates that I have not heard from for at least 40+ years. 

With one daughter and family in Portland, OR and the other daughter and family in Sacramento, CA, and my sister and her family in Pittsburgh, PA and my wife's family in the Cincinnati area, we do a fair amount of traveling. We also try to do at least one international trip once a year. This year it was the Baltics. So going back for the reunion just wasn't in the cards for this year. But that is why the website was and is so valuable and enjoyable.  Thanks again,      Gardner Ferry

 What a great job you all did getting the classes of 61-62 together.  We had a very very good time.  The youth of today don't know what there're missing.   After all these years everyone gets along, and cares about each other.   Thank you so much for the wonderful  weekend,   Jean Terrilli Eggleton

John: Outstanding job to you, Jean Ann, Dee Dee coordinating this wonderful event. I had a wonderful weekend. Hope to catch up again with you all in Myrtle Beach next time I am down that way.       Thanks again,  Elaine Boccia Murphy

You did a magnificent job!  What a huge success!  Thanks so much for ALL your work . . . it was really great!          Nancy and Bill Putnam            

The 49-50th reunion was a grand- group who all seemed to have a wonderful time. Fond regards, happy memories & love.    Maryann Salvin

Hi Dee Dee,  This is the first chance I have had to write to you since returning from the reunion.  I want to thank you and the committee for a wonderful event.  I did not realize I would recognize so many people from the 61 - 62 classes but it was great.  The hotel was accomediating and the location  was good.  Thank you again!     Dom DePetrillo

I want to thank you for all your hard work in makeing the reunion a great success.  Everyone on the committee did a great job.     Joey Palermo Scorrano

 Hi Guys,  I just wanted to thank all of you for the fabulous, fun, emotional and organized reunion that you all worked together on. The 50 years just seems to have flown by and the event just brought back all the memories of high school. I had a great time and I am looking forward to the day when everyone can get together again. Thanks again for all of your efforts.                            Regards,   Sharyn Mulberg Halpern

Hi Dee,  Thanks for all of the hard work that you and John put into making our reunion such a memorable evening. All the attendees' positive comments and all the happy, smiling faces around the room were proof that a great time was had by all.  Looking forward to the next one????????   Please extend my thanks to John and your committee members, too.  All the best......         Carol Schwartz Greene

 I am the husband of one of your graduates, I wish to congratulate you and your committee on a great Job. From the cocktail Party to the speeches and the dinner, just a great Job. True it was a labor of Love, but professionalism shined thru the whole night.   Thank you for a very pleasant evening.        Jerry Cohen

Thank you Dee Dee for a wonderful time. Please tell John he surely did a very successful reunion!!  Judy DiLena Smith

 Hi Dee Dee:  Just want to thank you for all your hard work on the reunion; it was GREAT!      Jane Feitelson Qualia

 Thanks for all the hard work. Thanks for the dance. Thanks for a great time at dinner. Thanks for the balloons. Wow!!!  Thanks, thanks, thanks!   John & Sue Slater

Hi Dee Dee,      Just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoyed the reunion.  All the efforts of the team showed in everyone's faces as they ran around saying hello to dear old friends and classmates. My compliments to all.  I know it was a tremendous amount of work.  For me it was especially heartwarming to see all my pals who I call  "Crestwoodians".  We all were so lucky to live in a great community and have warm wonderful memories of those days. Crestwood was an amazing place to grow up and after talking to Billy Putnam, Merry Rogers, Bob Fleischer, Bob Oetjen, Sue Harburger, Simone Bellin, to name a heart was filled with thoughts of yesteryear that I will never forget  Thanks again,                   Jean Marmo Schiaroli

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful evening. You and John did an amazing job. The appearance of the cheerleaders was a riot. I was lucky to get the "R" as the audience was not expecting the joke and it got a big laugh.  I took a ton of pics and will forward to you to post on the site.  Thanks again.   Shelley Kromberg Rauchberg

Hi Dee Dee,  Thanks for a great job that you and John and Lucy and all the others did in organizing this incredible event that brought a couple hundred people to Stamford from all over the planet. We're lucky there are people like you who do these things for us freeloaders.               Stuart Fischer

 You both have to be commended for the wonderful work you put in to make our reunion such a success.I had such a good time reconnecting with classmates and catching up with those I saw at the 43rd. reunion. I think what you did to honor  the vets was outstanding, especially when you had the guests who served to stand,say their name, and say the branch of service they were in. I'm so glad my husband, Robert, was included. He was proud and so was I. The reading of those deceased and the roses for each, plus the singing of Memory will stay with me for a long time. I knew too many of those people.  Congratulations for a job well done, John and Dee Dee.  Much love,        Pamela (Lange) Becker


I thought the reunion was wonderful.  I am still on a high a week later.  They all were such good people back then, and they are still good people.  My only complaints were that it was over so fast, and there were so many people I wished had come, but didn't.  They seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth: Ida Krauss, Noel Schultz, Sue Goetz, Gerry Armstrong, Rosalind Barnett, Natalie Epps, "Lefty" Lefkowitz, Bill Lowery, Michael Schulman, Nancy Schnur, Barbara Sikes.  Was Joel Sternman there?  I was trying to look out for him, but didn't see him.

John and Dee Dee, God is reserving a special suite for you both for providing us all with one of the happiest and most memorable experiences of a lifetime.  Take care.  I love you all!  Ellen Fiencke Whitaier

You and John did an incredible job with this web site, all the planning and the running of our reunion. Am so glad I came.  Thank you so much.    Susan Harburger Mullin Scott

 Hi John (Event planners also )  I had such a Great time ,everything Super nice seeing everyone again ,as I missed last one this was so special for me ,what a nice REUNION ,everyone went out their way to make it "SUCCESS it was"  So Glad I went had time of my LIFE !!!  THANK Everyone for you hard work ,sweat tears that was not easy to pull off I well now this !!!  HOPE EVERYONE arrived home safe sound ,I left after week of rain ,some snow NOTHING could put a damper on HIGH of this REUNION ---  THANK for one Million GOOD TIME !!                            Marilyn Jackman Haas

Dear everyone on the planning board:

Thank you all for giving us an amazing weekend of reunion, reconnection, and recollections. I cannot begin to adequately express how much it meant to me to see some of my dear friends from my childhood again.

We are an extraordinary group of people even when one clique is different from another; we all arrived to find people we care about and even love, as old friends do. It's hard to pretend with the people who saw us grow up, isn't it? I was so very very happy to hug some of my best friends and sorely missed those who could not or would not attend.
And to those who came at the last minute because something finally clicked, hooray!

But back to the thank you to YOU: John, Dee, Joan, and others who I am not aware of. You all worked so hard to pull off a magical time for so many of us. I think the idea to combine two classes was brilliant and I hope the next years will link over to this page here so we can locate our friends who were behind or ahead of these two classes.  There are not enough laudatory words in my vocabulary to say it: THANK YOU.
Dunn Miller (Pam in a past life)

You and John did an incredible job with this web site, all the planning and the running of our reunion. Am so glad I came.  Thank you so much
Susan Harburger Mullin Scott

I would like to thank all of you and all the others who helped put together the 61/62 reunion. It was really a great evening. I know it was a lot of work and the effort was really appreciated by all your classmates. It was wonderful seeing everyone from that "past world" called high school. Even my wife, who knew no one there except me, had a wonderful time talking to my old classmates. I hope to see you all at carlo's next year!!!  Vincent Strangio

Hello John, Dee Dee, Lucy and all those who put their time and commitment towards the RHS reunion: You guys are awesome. I had a wonderful time...a blast, to speak an old phrase. Everyone looked great, and so much the same once you peer through the forces of time to today. Thank you for the fun and memories. Some of you are still pretty hot dancers...let's do it again, soon. We all know you never know. Love to all, and sorry if I missed some of you in the crowd.             Love, Patricia (or Patty) Healy Sullivan
Dear John and Dee Dee; Just wanted to add a belated review of the wonderful reunion. Had a great time and appreciated all the work that you and perhaps some behind the scenes others have done. Had the pleasure of riding down from Amherst MA with my since-kindergarten friend Nancy Martin Poggio Snyder and have been having a great post- reunion correspondence with Sally Yurkowski Kenny. Thanks for helping to renew and recreate friendships!                Jane Clyma Harwood McGinnis

I did not get a chance to tell you in person at the Reunion, but Dorcie & I had a GREAT time...thanx to all of your & John's efforts.  PRIOR to Reunion ( and since) the website you set up has been something I look forward to seeing when I do my semi-weekly checks of the incoming emails. I've also taken the opportunity to reminisce with several classmates before and since as well. Hope you keep it going! :o)      Howard Rakov